DescriptionArt & Tourism is an association whose aim is the development of rural and cultural tourism in the western Sicily with particular attention to the territories lying in the Gal Norman territories, looking after the alternative routes of mass tourism. Here, thanks to the mild climate of the winter it’s possible to practice activities all year. Our mission is the ecological and sustainable tourism with the help of bikes MTB and electrical bike with beneficiary push an pedal. Our itineraries suited to everybody, without age limits and they rise from an accurate research of safe paths framed from splendid natural landscapes and ennobled from small and big historical, artistical treasures of the length of a day. The route, from the saddle of a bike will seem completely new. With Art & Tourism you will find the fresh sensation of freedom that only a bike tour can transmit to you. The association for this project has got a co-financing by the program of rural development PSR Sicily 2007-2013, measure 312” Support to the creation and to the development of micro-companies. Action C” stimulation of micro-companies in the sector of services tightly linked to the purposes of the measures 312 and 313. Action 1 of PSL Norman lands. The project idea rises from the consciousness that the environmental artistic memories of the fast, although fundamental, must be not only kept but increased, expanded and extended. With the project can stimulate, to connect and to action processes of identification with the local territory denominated “Norman lands” and reappropriation of cultural historical value. FREE APP You can download all the information about the tours freely. The APP is endowed with program of geolocalisation with info about the sites to visit. Typing arte e turismo APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY
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