Giuseppe Intonato

Sofia la Maiolica Calatina s.n.c.
DescriptionFor years Sofia La Maiolica Calatina has being producing unique handmade pieces of Maiolica, which are hand decorated and moulded. We inspire to the characteristic style of Caltagirone ceramics’ classical colours of all epochs. These colours are uniquely enamelled and recall the origins of East. Thanks to a consolidated experience during the years, today we give birth to new techniques which occur during finishing and cooking stages. We select unique handcrafted local productions which represent the history of Maiolica of Caltagirone, that is worldwide known for its artistic and cultural worth. Although our creations still reflect past traditions, we transmit our artistic tone, which results in unique and inimitable products. Thus, not only we create a new design, in relation to classical and modern tradition, but we also give origin to our brand. The ceramics of Sofia la Maiolica Calatina stand as the meeting point of all these artistic and cultural expressions. Our ceramic can be perceived as the window through which one can know, appreciate and fell our creations as its own and live them through the ages in beloved places
Organization Type Big Company / corporation,
CityCaltagirone, Via Balchino,16/bis Google map
Areas of Activities

Creativity, cultural heritage and local traditional food

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