YU Yue 余跃

General Manager 总经理
Neijiang Phoenix Group 内江凤凰企业(集团)有限责任公司

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday (09:00 am - 01:30 pm)
DescriptionNeijiang Phoenix Group is a comprehensive corporation, which is focused on energy, chemical, machinery and polymer materials. It has 5 holding companies which set across 4 cities of Neijiang, Meishan,Ya’an andYibin of southwest China. The company’s main products’ yearly output: Coal 600,000 tons, Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous 1 million tons, the three facilities of excavate, transport and support of Coal Mine Machinery 500,000 pairs , Truck Frame 200,000 pairs, Polymer material 20,000 tons. Our Qingyijiang brand sodium sulphate anhydrous was sold in Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan Indonesia, Europe and Middle East. Our phoenix brand polymer materials was sold in Midwest of our country, and our coal instrument, truck and coal have good market in southwest of our country, Our enterprise was set up in 1997, and in 2000 it restructured to become the Corporation of employees holding. In recent years Phoenix group keep insistently growth by 25% every year. Now, we aim at the advanced level in company’s orientation, and hope develop into a comprehensive enterprise of which mainly based on mineral resources, We believe that we will make the phoenix group’s take-off again. 内江凤凰企业(集团)有限责任公司是集能源、化工、机械和高新材料于一体的企业集团。集团下属5个子公司,跨内江、眉山、雅安和宜宾四个市。集团现有资产总额10亿元,员工3200余人,各类专业技术人员400余人。 公司主要产品生产能力:原煤60万吨/年,元明粉100万吨/年,煤机采运支设备三大系列,年加工能力50万台(套),汽车车架20万副/年,电缆绝缘材料2万吨/年。 公司生产的青衣江牌元明粉,远销东南亚、韩国、日本、印尼、欧洲及中东等地,凤凰牌高新材料主要面向我国中西部地区,煤机、汽配和煤炭产品主要面向川、渝及西南地区销售。 集团公司于1997年组建成立,2000年整体改制为员工共同持股的有限责任公司,近几年内江凤凰每年以25%的速度持续增长,步入理性、科学、稳健推进的发展轨道。 目前公司在企业定位上瞄准全国先进水平,将逐步发展成为一个以矿产资源为主业的综合型企业,实现内江凤凰的再次腾飞。
Organization Type SMEs
CityNeijiang, Industrial Park Google map
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    energy, chemical, machinery and polymer materials

    energy, chemical, machinery and polymer materials