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Sichuan Feiyang international Travel Service Co., Ltd. 四川省飞扬国际旅行社有限责任公司

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DescriptionSichuan Feiyang International Travel Service Co., Ltd. is a professional, comprehensive enterprise engaged in full tourism competitions. It was founded in 2004, with its predecessor being the Chengdu Chinese Youth Travel Service Hong Kong market department, founded in 1995, the headquarters with the immigration reception center, flying domestic reception center, domestic leisure reception center, Tour reception center, airline ticket office, with Sichuan largest wholly-owned travel team, in Shenzhen, Guangzhou Chinese ;Nanjing, Hangzhou, Changsha, Changchun, Tibet offices. At present in the America registered flying ground company in Europe; Operations center. Flying company China partners throughout the mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan each big city, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, United States, Europe and other countries and regions. The main home ground, immigration reception, Domestic travel, outbound tourism, international business investigation, business reception and other business projects. Through standardized management, standardized services, has accumulated to provide travel services for more than 2000000 domestic and foreign tourists, in Sichuan. 四川省飞扬国际旅行社有限责任公司是一家专业性、综合类且全方位参与市场竞争的旅游企业。它始建于2004年,其前身是成都中国青年旅行社港台市场部,创建于1995年,目前在飞扬总部设有入境接待中心、国内接待中心、国内散客接待中心、组团接待中心、航空机票售票处,拥有川内最大全资旅游车队,在中国深圳、广州、南京、杭州、长沙、长春、西藏设有办事处。飞扬目前在美国注册有地接公司;欧洲操作中心。飞扬公司合作伙伴遍及中国大陆的各大中城市、香港、台湾、新加坡、马来西亚、印度尼西亚、泰国、美州、欧州等国家和地区。主营国内地接、入境接待、国内组团、国际出境游、商务考察、会务接待等业务项目。通过规范化管理、标准化服务,已经累计为超过200万的国内外游客提供旅游服务。
Organization Type SMEs
CityChengdu, No. 10 2F, Qingyang Road Google map
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