Sun Zejian

Assistant General Manager
Sichuan Daer Electrical Co., Ltd.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday (09:00 am - 01:30 pm)
DescriptionSichuan Daer Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production of high voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, box type substation, intelligent box type substation and various distribution, supporting the meter box enterprise. The company has been committed to the new material and intelligent power switch equipment and intelligent substation equipment product development and technology research and technology application, research and development of intelligent electric power complete equipment and intelligent box substation is Sichuan province gives priority to the development of strategic emerging industry positioning projects in 2013, currently has 2 cooperation in technology development and 7 patents, including 2 invention patents, 3 utility model patents, 2 appearance design patents. The company after years of development by the small and large, established a rich experience in management, research and development, production and marketing team, the company officially put into operation in 2013 January, when the company sales revenue exceeded 80000000 RMB, in 2014 total trend adjustment in the domestic economic downward, the structure of the industry, sales revenue exceeded 120000000 RMB. The company to quickly open up the market of international and domestic industry in the cost, technology and the advantage of the support, make dull electric to become the domestic high low voltage switchgear manufacturing representative enterprises in the industry. 四川大尔电气有限责任公司位于内江市城西工业园区内,成立于2011年1月27日,注册资金5300万元,是一家专业从事生产高压成套开关设备、低压成套开关设备、普通箱式变电站、智能化箱式变电站以及各类配电、配套表箱的企业。 公司一直致力于新型体材料及智能电力开关设备及智能化变电站成套设备产品的开发和工艺技术研究及技术应用等,研发的智能电力成套设备和智能箱式变电站在2013年被四川省定位为战略新兴产业优先发展项目,目前拥有2项合作开发技术和7项专利,其中发明专利2项、实用新型专利3项、外观设计专利2项,智能化箱式变电站从技术研发已成功转化为成果应用,目前国内市场比较成熟的同类产品并不多见。
Organization Type SMEs
Founding Year2012
CityNeijiang, Industrial Park Google map
Areas of Activities

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    Business Request

    Partnership - electric sector

    -Expanding oversea market, more contacts and businesses with foreign clients.
    -Visiting and learn from foreign peer of industry, be aware of trend.
    1、 希望通过此次考察扩展海外市场,接触到更多的客户并建立合作关系;
    2、 希望访问到国外同行,学习先进的管理技术,了解行业国际动向;

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Technical co-operation
    Cooperation Requested
    1. Technical co-operation