LIANG Tian 梁田

General Manager
Chengdu Xingzhi Patent Agency 成都行之专利代理事务所

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday (09:00 am - 01:30 pm)
Description成都行之专利代理事务所成立于2005年,是经中国国家知识产权局批准的从事专利代理等各种知识产权代理业务的专业法律代理机构(机构代码:51220),旗下有全资控股的“四川行之律师事务所”、“成都行之知识产权代理有限公司”及“成都市中德知识产权代理有限公司”,是四川最大型、最具综合性的专业知识产权代理机构之一。事务所现有员工70余人,专利代理人31名,律师8人,其中硕士以上学历15人。 Incorporated in 2005, Chengdu Xingzhi Patent Agency is a professional law institution (registration code: 51220) approved by SIPO specializing in intellectual property agency. Operating its wholly-owned branches such as “Sichuan Xingzhi Law Firm”, “Chengdu Xingzhi Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.” and “Chengdu Zhongde Intellectual Property Agency Co.,Ltd.”, Chengdu Xingzhi Patent Agency is one of the largest integrated IPR Agencies in Sichuan. It has a staff of 70, 31 of whom are patent attorneys, 8 are lawyers and 15 are master degree holders.
Organization Type SMEs
CityChengdu, Hi-Tech Zone Google map
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    We hope to carry out IP-exchange discussion with factories, enterprises, research laboratory and universities with strong ability of RD, swap ideas and discussion on corporation in forms of technology development, IP exchange, IP cross licensing, IP transfer with partner, especially in nuclear-power, power equipment, electronic communication fields.

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