Weiyu Wang 王未雨

BD manager 市场开发主管
Nutcracker.srl 诺凯科咨询: 中意合作加速器
DescriptionNutcraker is an business accelerator for Italian companies' internationalization strategy. Our clients are from the industries such as pharmaceutical, agro-food, environmental etc, representing the benchmark in their industries, with ambition in exploiting the overseas market and with special focus on China market. Nutcracker is also a remember of Europe Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu. 

Organization Type SMEs
Organization Size11-25
Citymilano, via durando 38 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing

    Space application to agriculture and environmental management

      Health biotechnologies

        Other sectors relevant to the thematic focus of the event

          Business Offer

          Business matching/ inter-mediation 中意企业对接

          Thanks to our business networking in both Italy and China, we provide our clients internationalization, business matching, M&A in various industries...我们在意大利和中国有强大的商业网络,为各领域企业提供国际化咨询,商业配对,收购并购协助等服务。

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