Roberto De Cani

Public Affairs
Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research, coordinator of the Lombardy Cluster for Life Science
DescriptionThe Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica (Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research), FRRB, was established in October 2011 by the Region of Lombardy as the Agency that would promote, develop and improve the R&D, as part of the wider regional health policy and with a specific focus on biomedics. The FRRB purpose is to promote, coordinate and support technological development and scientific research aimed at the application of new methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions, as well as the technological development in the field of production, distribution and usage of drugs. Through the integration of industrial research, academic research and healthcare, the Foundation aims to innovate the structural model of R&D to enhance technology transfer, creating value in the system of biomedical and biotechnology research and boosting competitiveness of industries and services involved. FRRB is in fact aware and open to new tools for promoting innovation, driven by public demand, able to predetermine the market and not necessarily aimed at pushing an innovation on the market. The Foundation relies on the scientific platforms and avant-garde expertise of the Centre for Research Nerviano Medical Sciences, of which it is the sole partner. Thus, through integration with the latter, FRRB represents one of the largest biomedical research centres in Italy, as well as one of the major integrated centres for discovery and development of oncology drugs in Europe.
Organization Type Clusters, Other,
CityMilan, Via Taramelli 12 Google map
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Health biotechnologies