ZHONG Yuming 钟雨明

General Manager 总经理
Sichuan Techairs Co., Ltd. 四川天采科技有限责任公司

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday (09:00 am - 01:30 pm)
DescriptionSichuan Techairs Co., Ltd. (formerly as Yalian) specializes in the technical research & development and commercialization on gas generation, separation and purification. We are good at pressure & temperature swing adsorption, membrane separation, wet decarburization, light refrigeration, cryogenic separation, distillation, and other gas separation methods. Through engineering practice and the advanced technology integration in fields of chemical and bio-fermentation, we provide a package of TIFICTM solution in innovation & competence and supply of key components (adsorbents, catalysts and control valves) and complete sets of equipment in petrochemical, coal chemical, industrial gases, Iron & steel metallurgy, fine chemicals and bio-chemical industries, etc. Through 20 years of research and development, filed experience of accumulation in hundreds of plants , integration and innovation, we has formed dozens of leading integrated separation technology and a complete set of technical system with high purity and high yield, low energy consumption and high low cost , especially in the field of gas purification, gas separation and purification in natural gas, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, bio ethanol (fuel), polysilicon tail gas and other industrial gas . 四川天采科技有限责任公司(原“亚连科技”)专业从事气体制备、分离与提纯技术的研发与工程转化。公司精通变温变压吸附,膜分离,湿法,浅冷,深冷,精馏等各种气体分离方法。通过建立强大的工程转化平台,广泛集成国内、国外各种化工单元成熟技术,为石油化工、煤化工、工业气体、钢铁冶金、精细化工、生物化工等行业,提供一揽子能够提升客户创新与竞争能力的TIFICTM解决方案、关键部件(吸附剂、催化剂、程控阀)与成套技术与装备。 天采的工程师们经过近20年的研发,以及几百套现场装置的经验积累,集成与创新,目前已经形成了几十项行业领先的集成分离技术,实现了高纯度高收率,低能耗低成本的双高双低的一套完整的分离技术体系。并成为氢气、天然气、一氧化碳、二氧化碳、沼气、生物(燃料)乙醇、多晶硅尾气等各种工业尾气的净化、分离与提纯领域的引领者和集大成者。
Organization Type SMEs
CityChengdu, Hi-Tech Zone 高新区 Google map
Areas of Activities

Space application to agriculture and environmental management

    Other sectors relevant to the thematic focus of the event

      Business Offer

      Cooperation on gas generation, separation, purification and fuel ethanol

      We’d like to communicate with companies in the field of gas generation, separation, purification and fuel ethanol, and manufacture of chemical rotating equipments and instruments, through the way of technology transfer, technical service, project construction, procurement and other cooperation.

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Outsourcing co-operation
      2. Technical co-operation
      3. License agreement
      4. Manufacturing agreement
      5. Sales / Distribution
      6. Investment/Financing
      7. Other