HUANG Qiong 黄琼

Chengdu Thinkzone Incubator CO., Ltd. 成都新谷孵化器有限公司

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday (09:00 am - 01:30 pm)
DescriptionThinkzone, located in the central area of Tianfu new city in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone, started to be built in 1994.In 2005, it was rated to be the national technology and business service center, becoming the first state-ranked private incubator of the whole country. With the guideline of "creating new ideas, new technology and new enterprises", Thinkzone is actively exploring a new development mode for private start-up incubator community. Now Thinkzone has an incubating area and service facilities of 370,000 m2, accommodating over 500 enterprises, covering software R&D, digital media, electronic information, new material and etc. Besides quality services for companies under incubation, Thinkzone sets up VC departments, attracts financial institutions and jointly initiates China’s first angel fund -- China Incubator Investment Fund, and holds national entrepreneurial competition to build up a platform for financial institutions and start-up companies so as to efficiently concentrate technology, talents, finance and etc. to better promote the growth of companies under incubation. Thinkzone integrates incubation, park operation and financial services in five functional blocks of incubations, headquarters, technology platforms, hotels and apartments and entertainment to create a business community favorable for working, living, business start-up, relaxation and entertainment. Thinkzone utilizes incubator construction to support incubator operation, utilizes the profit from incubator operation to support VC investments, and utilizes effective VC investment to boost incubator construction. So far this strategy is proving successful for the company’s sustainable growth and a bright future. 天府新谷位于成都高新区天府新城核心地带,始建于1994年。2005年被国家科技部认定为国家级技术创业服务中心,成为全国首家民营国家级科技企业孵化器。在“创造新思想、新科技、新企业的地方” 的核心理念下,天府新谷积极探索中国首家民营创业孵化社区的发展模式。 天府新谷孵化载体及服务设施总面积达37万平方米,现有入驻企业500余家,行业包括了移动互联网、软件、数字新媒体、电子信息,新材料等领域。天府新谷在做好基础孵化服务的同时,成立风险投资公司,对接金融机构,参股中国孵化器第一支天使基金——中孵基金,举办创新创业大赛,搭建起完整的创新创业金融扶持体系及项目对接平台,充分实现了技术,人才,资金等要素的聚集,支持科技型企业不断健康发展, 天府新谷打造科技孵化、园区运营、金融服务孵化服务模式。构建以企业孵化、总部经济、技术平台、酒店公寓、休闲娱乐五大板块为核心内容,形成了一个集工作、生活、创业、休闲、娱乐于一体的创业人社区。 天府新谷以孵化器开发建设推动孵化器运营、以孵化器运营良好的赢利水平有效支撑风险投资、以卓有成效的风险投资推动孵化器开发建设,按照公司提出“五三一”战略发展规划不断向前发展。
Organization Type Clusters, SMEs
CityChengdu, Hi-Tech Zone Google map
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    Business Request

    Investment is welcome

    A. Thinkzone welcomes investment and business startup
    1. In order to bring in more outstanding enterprises, we newly built up a first-rate building occupied 100,000㎡,25 floors in all, and standard area is about 3739.47㎡ on every floor, meanwhile, central air-conditioners and 16 elevators are equiped to provide a high-qualified environment for you to do business.
    2. Thinkzone will provide preferential conditions and cooperating modes for foreign invested technology companies.
    B. Thinkzone is seeking to set up representative offices
    1. As a state-ranked national incubator, we are interested in internationalization in incubation endeavors and willing to share our experiences.
    b. We are looking forward to building up partnership with foreign incubators, sharing resources and bringing in investment so as to better serve the companies under incubation.


    Cooperation Requested
    1. Investment/Financing