LI Yingfu 李英富

President of Research Institut
Chengdu Brilliant Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 成都倍特药业有限公司

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday (09:00 am - 01:30 pm)
DescriptionChengdu Brilliant Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company), founded in 1995, owning the registered capital of 70 million Chinese Yuan, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of drugs. In 2012, the company was reformed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan Direction Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Direction Pharm). During the past two decades, especially in the latest two years, the company witnessed the leap-forward development. With the constant improvements in terms of talents introduction, products innovation and marketing strategy, the company has been gradually formed a large pharmaceutical enterprise group with the leading research and development capacity, the sophisticated dosage forms and the sound marketing network. In 2013, by taking considerations of product resource integration, new GMP technical promotion and future development strategy, The Direction Pharm established a large pharmaceutical enterprise group with the Brilliant pharmaceutical company as the main part. The Brilliant Company now consists of Sichuan Renan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Sichuan Purity Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd., the marketing center and the Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, which establish a good infrastructure of “three bases and two centers”. The company will be entering a more rapid development track after above strategy adjustment. The sales in 2016 are expected to exceed 1.5 billion Chinese Yuan. The company is targeting to achieve the sales of 4 billion Chinese Yuan by 2018, to enter the top 50 in the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, and to become the key pharmaceutical enterprise in Sichuan province and even in China. The company will be on stock market in the next three years, and become the main industry in the group. Work on now, look to the future! The company will closely follow the pace of the 12th National Five-year Plan, take the "Care for life, Care for health" as the major company theme, adhere to the development concept of “focusing on the pharmaceutical industry and focusing on the improvement of core competitiveness", and advocate the core value of "pragmatism, innovation, high quality, high efficiency". By doing so, the company will build a professional technical team with the strong sense of responsibility and sustainable development. It eventually will become the most competitive international pharmaceutical enterprise group. 成都倍特药业有限公司(以下简称:公司)成立于1995年,公司注册资金7000万元人民币,是一家集新药研发、药品生产和销售于一体的高新技术企业。 2012年经过改制成为四川方向药业有限责任公司(以下简称:四川方向药业)的全资子公司,通过近二十年特别是近两年的跨越式发展,不断在打造人才优势、创新优势(新产品开发)和营销优势中提升公司的核心竞争力,已逐步形成拥有领先的研发能力、完善的剂型和品种、健全的营销网络的大型医药企业集团。 2013年,四川方向药业从整合产品资源、新版GMP技术改造、企业发展战略等方面考虑,组建了以成都倍特药业有限公司为主体的医药企业集团。公司现旗下已拥有四川仁安药业有限责任公司、四川普锐特药业有限责任公司、营销中心和药物研究院等分(子)公司,已创建了“三个基地、两个中心”的良好格局。 我们相信,经过这次战略调整,公司将进入更加快速发展的轨道,预计在2016年实现销售回款突破15亿元;力争在2018年实现销售回款40亿元。进入中国国内医药企业前50强,成为四川省乃至全国的重点生物医药企业。在三年内上市,并成为集团公司的核心支柱产业。 立足现在,展望未来!公司将紧跟国家“十二五”的步伐,以“呵护健康、关爱生命”为企业宗旨;坚持“专注于医药产业的发展、专注于核心竞争力的提升”的发展理念;推崇“务实、创新、优质、高效”的核心价值观,打造一支专业素质强、责任心强、心态好、可持续发展的经营管理团队和专业技术团队,成为最具核心竞争力的国际化医药企业集团。
Organization Type Big Company / corporation,
CityChengdu, Hi-Tech Zone Google map
Areas of Activities

Health biotechnologies

    Technological offer

    Cooperation on New Medicine for the Respiratory System

    Purity Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd, as a branch of Brilliant Pharma, focuses on development and manufacture of orally inhaled drug products. Purity Pharma intends to pursue the following business opportunities:

    1. Technical transfer, co-development or exclusive right purchase of dry powder inhaler devices;
    2. Technical transfer, co-development or exclusive right purchase of metered dose inhaler device components such as breath activated inhaler and accessories such as spacers and dose counters;
    3. Technical transfer, co-development or exclusive right purchase of nasal spray devices;
    4. China market right of newly approved orally inhaled drug products in Europe;
    5. Drug application and market development of orally inhaled products developed by Purity Pharma.
    1. 干粉吸入剂给药装置的技术转让、共同开发或购买。
    2. 吸入气雾剂给药装置如呼吸驱动装置及其附件如储雾器、计数器等的技术转让、共同开发或购买。
    3. 鼻喷雾剂给药装置的技术转让、共同开发或购买。
    4. 新型吸入药物的中国市场引进
    5. 公司自研吸入药物在欧盟的法规申报及市场开发。

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Technical co-operation
    2. License agreement
    Cooperation Requested
    1. Technical co-operation
    2. License agreement